1: Glofurniture Hire (hereinafter called “the company”) supplies goods on hire, only on the following terms and conditions and will not accept or be bound by other conditions.

2: “The Hirer” is any company, organization or individual that joins in contract with Glofurniture to supply goods and/or services.
3: “Goods” are any Glofurniture items that are the subject of any contract between the company and the hirer, regardless of ownership.

Terms of Hire:

4: Hire goods will remain the property of the company at all times.
5: The good will be delivered fully charged unless otherwise stated in writing by the hirer.
6: For contractually agreed longer evets the goods may need to be charged by the hirer.
7: On delivery of goods the company demonstrate to the hirer how the goods are operated.
8: The hirer will need to sign a delivery of goods slip, which specifies the number of goods (including remotes) hired and that goods are in full working condition. It is the hirers’ responsibility to check goods on delivery.
9: All charges are based on a 1 to 2 day hire, if a longer hire period is required, charges must be agreed in writing with the company prior to the hire period commencing.
10: The Company will make every endeavour to effect deliveries and collections of hired goods at the time required by the hirer, but will not under any circumstance accept liability for any delay or failure to deliver or collect, nor for any expense caused to the hirer by such delay or failure.
11: All deliveries are made to a ground floor, central location, unless the company is advised otherwise. 11b: Additional charges may be made for deliveries or collections executed elsewhere.
11c: A charge for waiting time will be made if the venue is unable to accept goods or allow access for collections at the pre-arranged time.
11d: When collecting, we expect that all goods shall be left in one place. A charge will be made if we have to clear and collect from different areas. If we are unable, for reasons of time, to do this, we will make a charge for recollection when the goods are ready.
12: A delivery and collection charge will be made as agreed at the time of order, with extra charges for deliveries or collection outside normal working hours.
13: The Company will make every endeavour when delivering and collecting goods to park our vehicle/s without contravening parking restrictions. If the hire location falls outside of this category, i.e. red route, double yellow lines or resident parking etc., and a penalty charge notice is incurred the hirer will bear the full cost of each and every parking ticket.


14: During the continuance of the hire period, which shall commence from the time of delivery and end when the goods are recollected from the hirers site, the hirer shall be responsible for the safe keeping and maintenance of the goods in good and substantial condition.
15: The Company covers light wear and tear damages such as scuffs and minor scratches that can be undertaken by our in-house team. In the event of any goods requiring repair as a result of the hirers’ negligence, accidently damage, misuse or abuse, which cannot be carried out by the company’s own in-house team, then the hirer shall bear the cost of any such repair.
15a: In the event that the goods are damaged beyond economical repair, or are lost, the hirer shall bear the full write off/replacement cost. If the hirer has any cause for complaint concerning the condition, suitability or performance of equipment, the company should be notified on delivery of goods, prior to signing the delivery of goods slip. No consideration for redress will be given to a grievance once the item has been delivered.
15b: It is the hirers’ responsibility to insure against any such risks.

Payment terms:

16: The price payable for goods are the ones set out on our website glofurniture.com; this price excludes delivery and collection.
17: Payment shall be made in full 24 hours prior to the event by BACS transfer or paid in cash in full on delivery of goods.
17b: If paying by cash we take a 50% nonrefundable deposit to secure your booking.
17c: Payments must be made in full on delivery of goods. Any failure on the part of the hirer to make such payments on delivery will either result in the hire goods not being delivered, or, in case of the goods already being onsite, being removed without notice.

Payment in part of in full of any contract to supply goods herein referred to shall be deemed to mean acceptance in full of these terms and conditions.